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How to get a black belt in surveying


photo of black belt doing a kataThere is a martial arts legend which explains why masters have black belts. A beginning student starts with a white belt. The student wears the belt during many years of training. The belt gradually gets darker, then becomes black over the years.

Modern day surveyors follow a similar course. In Oregon it  takes eight years of experience before the State Board will deem you qualified to sit for your first exam, the fundamentals of land surveying.

If you successfully pass this 8-hour exam (many do not), you will need an additional four more years of experience before you can sit for the 6-hour principles and practices of land surveying exam. Both of the above are national exams.

You must also pass the 4-hour Oregon specific land surveying exam to become a licensed Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) in Oregon.

At the absolute minimum, a licensed surveyor in Oregon has 12 years of experience and 18 hours of testing behind him before he has the privileged to put his stamp on a survey.

All the licensed surveyors at WB Wells have completed further testing to become licensed in Washington State. With our surveyors having a combined 114 years of experience, you can trust us to property determine the location of your lot lines.


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