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Know Your Approvals

image of check mark in boxKnow your approvals!

With an election year coming up and campaign seasons that seem to never end we thought we would give you a primer on approvals and double talk!

When getting timelines and proposals from your consultants make sure that everyone is speaking the same language and is on the same page.

The vast majority of land use planning processes involve the following approvals:

Preliminary Approval – This means that the jurisdiction has reviewed the application and has given you a list of conditions. These conditions of approval are basically a road map to getting engineering and survey final plat or final approval.

Engineering Approval – If there is engineering needed for the site the engineering plans will need to be reviewed and approved and either bonded for or built prior to moving forward.

Final Plat Approval – Once you have satisfied your conditions of approval, received the necessary engineering approvals and either bonded or built your improvements you are ready to get final plat approval through the surveyors office!

We’re W.B. Wells and we approve this message.

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