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  Halloween. Trick-or-treating, costume parties, watching horror movies and carving pumpkins. Candy, candy and more candy. Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. … Read More

We will stake your house, but not your vampire

  It is important to take great care in properly situating your future house on your property. When WB Wells stakes the location of your … Read More

Scanning Providence

  WB Wells performed a 3D laser scan on the Providence Health and Services Critical Care Renovation. Laser scanning can produce detailed three dimensional images … Read More

Half vampire, half leech, half surveyor

  When hiring a surveyor, you need to be sure that the surveyor is submitting a proposal that includes all the work that you will … Read More

Famous poet writes poem about surveying

  Well, sort of. Good fences make good neighbors. Robert Burns wrote those words many a year ago in hes poem titled MENDING WALL. Scotland’s … Read More

Three famous surveyors and some other dude

  Mount Rushmore  National Memorial Did you know that this is a sculpture of three famous surveyors and some other guy? George Washington – surveyor! … Read More

The six P's

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance Before you even start your project, you need to plan ahead. To avoid costly delays, follow the six P’s. … Read More

Lot and Lot of Record

  The definitions of lot and lot of record from City of Portland’s Zoning Code: Lot – A legally defined piece of land other than … Read More

Fortune Cookie

  I went out for Chinese last night with two individuals. Who where my dinner companions? That is on a need to know basis, and … Read More

Portland Maps, a Wealth of Information

Many of the cities and counties within our region have user-friendly websites that allow someone to look up a piece of property to see the … Read More

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Who Is W.B. Wells?

In 1924, after graduating from Stanford University, Willard B. Wells founded W.B. Wells & Assoc. Inc in Portland, Oregon. Willard’s philosophy was to provide a quality product for a reasonable fee. We still follow Willard’s philosophy today.
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