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Lot and Lot of Record


The definitions of lot and lot of record from City of Portland’s Zoning Code:

Lot – A legally defined piece of land other than a tract that is the result of a land division.

Lot of Record – A plot of land: which was not created through an approved subdivision or partition; which was created and recorded before July 26, 1979; and for which the deed, or other instrument dividing the land, is recorded with the appropriate county recorder.

Before applying for a Lot Confirmation (previously known as a Lot Segregation) or Property Line Adjustment, you should find out if you property is a Lot or Lot of record.

A tax lot is not necessarily a Lot or Lot of record. The property needs to have been legally created and had an independent existence prior to July 26, 1979.

July 26, 1979  is when the state’s partitioning regulations came into effect, which required land divisions to go through land use review.

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