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Terminus – the god, the point


drawing of a bust of TerminusWhile reading a property description have you ever noticed a call to a terminus point or a point of terminus?

Terminus was the Latin word for a boundary stone.

Terminus was a very ancient Roman Deity. He was the god who protected boundary markers and a festival was held in his honor each year on February 23.

Sacrifices were performed to sanctify boundary stones. Bones, ashes, blood of a sacrifice, crops, honeycombs and wine would be placed in a hole marking property boundaries and a stone was driven in on top.

During the annual festival to Terminus, neighboring families would garland their sides of the stone marker and make offerings. The stone would be marked with the blood of a sacrificed lamb or pig.

It was sacrilege to move a boundary stone – punishable by death.

Something to think about next time you read through a property description and come upon the term “terminus point”.

WB Wells has not been around nearly as long as Terminus, but we have completed over 300,000 surveys in the Portland metro area since 1924.

Property line adjustment, boundary survey or plat – our surveyors have 114 yeas of experience. You can trust us to do your surveying work. Terminus does.


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