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photo of the Leaning Tower of PisaJanuary 11 – U.S. Surgeon General reports that smoking may be hazardous to one’s health.

January 18 – Plans to build the New York World Trade Center are announced.

February 9 – The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show.

February 25 – Muhammad Ali is crowned the heavy weight champion of the world.

February 27 – The Italian government ask for help to keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa from falling over.

April 17 – The Ford Mustang is unveiled.

May 4 – U.S. Congress recognized Bourbon whiskey as a “distinctive product of the United States”.

May 13 – Stephen Colbert is born.

July 24 – Barry Bonds is born.

August 1 – The final Looney Tune is released before Warner Bros. cartoon division is shut down.

August 9 – Brett Hull is born.

October 10 thru 24 – Summer Olympics are held in Tokyo.

December 6 – Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer premieres on NBC.

December 10 – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

WB Wells was charging the following prices:

Two man field crew – $15 per hour.

Drafting – $7 per hour.

Foundation survey – $15

Residential lot survey – $55

WB Wells  – decade after decade providing excellent service at a reasonable price.




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