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Beating the bounds


photo of stone border markerBeating the bounds. A group of young boys and community members would walk the boundaries of a tract of land, so all would know where the boundaries lay.

At each boundary marker, the boys would be beaten or whipped to ensure that they would remember the boundary. Sometimes the boys would be held upside down and have their heads bumped on the boundary marker.

Other times a boy would be taken by the feet and hands and swung up against a tree. On occasion, the boys might be given money to remember the location of the boundary marker.  I have a feeling that the boys preferred the money!

Either way, you could be sure that the boys would remember the boundaries, and the location of where the markers lay, for the rest of their lives.

Contact us for a boundary survey. We will establish your boundary lines and set iron rods at the property corners.

A record of survey will be filed at the County Surveyor’s Office, which is much easier than beating the youngsters in your neighborhood.


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