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photo of James T KirkMr. Wells dies this year. Robert Schleining (aka Big Dog), Mr. Wells business partner take over the firm.

Brad Schleining, Robert Schleining’s son (and current owner) starts work at WB Wells.

This is also the year that Roberta Johnson, a long time employee (now retired) starts working at WB Wells.

Survey ninja is born

April 24 – Uniform daylight savings time is first observed

May 28 – Fidel Castro declares martial law because of a possible U.S. attack.

June 1 – The final episode of The Dick Van Dyke show airs

September 8 – Star Trek debuts on NBC

November 9 – John Lennon meets Yoko Ono

December 18 – How the Grinch Stole Christmas is shown for the first time



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