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Kung Fu Panda V Survey Ninja


Kung Fu PandaKung Fu Panda – big fat panda

Survey Ninja – big fat surveyor

Kung Fu Panda – Kung Fu, duh!

Survey Ninja – trained alongside Remo Williams mastering the art of Sinanju

Kung Fu Panda – dumplings

Survey NinjaStanich’s “The Special”, the worlds greatest hamburger

Kung Fu Panda – dull witted and accident-prone

Survey Ninja – dim witted and clumsy

Kung Fu Panda – raised in a noodle shop

Survey Ninja – raised in a candy store

Kung Fu Panda – hangs with the Furious Five

painting of ninja climbing ropeSurvey Ninja – hangs with the other Furious Five: Brad, Randy, Brett, Kristine and Jedi Planner

Kung Fu Panda – together with the Furious Five, protects the Valley of Peace

Survey Ninja – together with the other Furious Five (using record data and monuments to determine boundary locations consistent with common and case law, statutes, administrative rules and standards of practice) perform land surveys across the Willamette Valley

Kung Fu Panda – awesome and bodacious

Survey Ninjabodaciously awesome

Winner – tie

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