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World hypnotism Day


January 4th, 2012 is World Hypnotism Day.

hypnotic spiralRelax and look deeply into my eyes….take deep breaths….slowly count backwards from 10.

10, 9, 8… you are becoming very relaxed…. 7, 6, 5 … as you count backwards you find yourself going deeper and deeper into a relaxed state….4, 3, 2, 1.

You need a boundary survey. You need land use planning. You need engineering. You want to do a partition plat, sell off your extra land and pay off your credit cards. You need to do a property line adjustment, build a house next door, sell it and move to Hawaii. You fell the uncontrollable desire to have a topographic survey done on your property. You want a fence survey so you can build the fence of your dreams between you and your jerk neighbor. You want a zoning change.

Basically we want you to spend a bunch of money at WB Wells.

Did the above hypnotism not work on you? Too bad. Know somebody this would work on? If so, please forward to the sucker, ahem, I mean our future client that you are thinking of.

Most importantly – have a great World Hypnotism Day!

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