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Willamette Stone


photo of the metal disk marking the location of the Willamette meridianThe Willamette Stone marked the intersection of the Willamette Meridian and the Willamette Baseline. In the 1980s the stone was vandalized and was replaced with the current marker shown to the right.

The Willamette Meridian runs from the Puget Sound to the California border. The Willamette Baseline runs from the Idaho border to the Pacific Ocean.

The intersection of the Willamette Meridian and Willamette Baseline was first marked with a red cedar stake on June 4, 1851 by John Preston. John was the first Surveyor General of the Oregon Territory.

map showing the Willamette meridian and baselineThe stake was replaced with a stone on July 25, 1885.

In Portland, Stark Street runs along the Willamette Baseline.

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