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Archives For March 2012

How to avoid spening money

  Everyone wants to avoid spending money. How do you avoid spending too much on your survey? Clearly explain why you want a survey made. … Read More


  In honor of Make Your Own Holiday Day (March 26), WB Wells is proud to announce the first annual GET A SURVEY DAY! Get … Read More


  Why is a pair of pants called a pair? It is not a pair, it is a one. Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? Want … Read More

Jedi Planner V Survey Ninja

  Jedi Planner – vegetarian Survey Ninja – vegetables are what food eats Jedi Planner – one dog – WB Wells mascot Survey Ninja – … Read More

National Surveyors Week 2012

  This year National Surveyors Week is from March 18 to March 24. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Survey Ninja are all famous … Read More

Who Is W.B. Wells?

In 1924, after graduating from Stanford University, Willard B. Wells founded W.B. Wells & Assoc. Inc in Portland, Oregon. Willard’s philosophy was to provide a quality product for a reasonable fee. We still follow Willard’s philosophy today.
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