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Save the Polar Bears!


Survey Ninja (and you) can Save the Polar Bears!

photo of a Polar BearThe polar bears are dying. With climate change/global warming, the pack ice is melting and polar bear numbers are dwindling. The polar bears need more ice to survive. In the past there was not much we could do about the situation.

We now have the technology to save the polar bears. We will ship ice to the arctic! The more ice we ship, the better the chances are for this magnificent creature to survive. The faster we ship the ice, the less polar bear casualties there will be!

photo of ice cubes in a trayI have the ice making machines! I have the infrastructure in place! I can ship the ice to the arctic! But I need your help. I need help from you to save the polar bears.

Please make your checks payable to CASH. Write Survey Ninja Save the Polar Bears in the comment section. Help me help you save the polar bears.

photo of an Alaska Airlines jet planeI can ship ice to the arctic. I can ship massive amounts of ice to the arctic. At the present time I will be only be shipping ice to Alaska. I could ship ice to all the arctic, but hey, let the other countries save their own polar bears, right? In these uncertain economic times, our polar bears take priority.


Send all that you are able. Send more than you are able. Only you can save the polar bears! Help me help you to save the polar bears.

photo of baby polar bearsSee the photo of the little baby polar bears? They will die unless you send funds! Every time you selfishly order a Big Mac or shop at Target, a baby polar bear suffers! Every time you selfishly go to the movies or go out to eat, a baby polar bear suffers!

photo of George and Mary Bailey with their daughter ZuzuRemember in It’s A Wonderful Life, at the end when little Zuzu says “every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings”? This is the real life people. Every time a cash register rings, a little baby polar bear dies!

Stop selfishly spending money on lattes and bus passes and micro beers.  Jimmy Stewart would send a check. Jimmy photo of a glass of beerStewart wouldn’t spend money on doggy day care! Every time a puppy barks, a baby polar bear dies.

Jimmy Stewart would send in a check to save the polar bears! Did you know that Jimmy Stewart was a war hero? Are you going to sit there on your couch and not sent in money, when Jimmy Stewart (WAR HERO) would?

photo of Alec BaldwinWoody Harrelson will send in uda bucks when he sees this! Alec Baldwin will send in ….. well, no, he won’t, but Richard Gere (ohm) will send in a check when he sees this.

Don’t let the fate of the polar bears rest in the hands of the rich and famous. Do your share! Send in a check today. Send in what you can afford. Send in more than you can afford. photo of mom and baby polar bearSend your check today. Don’t put it off. Every day you don’t send in a check, is another day that a baby polar bears suffers. They suffer because of you! 

I beg you to encourage your coworkers and neighbors to send in checks. Start a neighborhood fund raiser, start a walk-a-thon. I want to be buried in checks (made out to cash), mounds of checks – mountains of checks, so that I can ship ice to the arctic. The more checks that are sent in, the more ice I can ship.

map of Alaska showing location of BarrowWhen the shipment of ice reaches Barrow, Alaska, can you imagine the excitement on the mayor’s face? Can you picture the joy that the school children will experience? If you send enough checks, I can send so much ice to Barrow that the school district will have to give the kids a day off from school!

photo of an Inuit childRemember that sweet, sweet feeling you had when you had a snow day! You would listen to the radios (young people don’t laugh), waiting for your school to be read out? Think of the joy that the kids will feel when they get a day off from school because there is a new shipment of ice coming for the polar bears!

photo of Inuit childrenIf you don’t send in a check, the little school kid will not have a day off from school. The mayor’s face will not be smiling with excitement. You will kill the joy of the school children. You will have killed the polar bears!

Don’t kill the polar bears! Please make your checks payable to CASH. Write Survey Ninja Save the Polar Bears in the comment section. Help me help you save the polar bears.

photo of a crappy air conditionerIf we raise more than $50,000, we can then start shipping generators and air conditioners to Alaska. Think of how happy the polar bears will be when they have ice and cool air blowing on them.

Remember that the fate of the polar bear rests in your hands. Remember that the polar bears need your help. Remember that we are the stewards of the Earth. But most of all – remember to make your checks out to CASH.

Bless you all for helping me help you to save the polar bears.

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