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Survey Ninja – 100 blogs


Welcome to my 100th blog. Most people go their entire lives without having the need to hire a surveyor. In my blogs and on our photo of 100 Euro billwebsite I have tried to explain what surveyors do. Because the general public has so little interaction with surveyors, they do not have much understanding of the surveying profession.

Many people think that with GIS and hand held GPS, surveyors are irrelevant. Surveyors establish boundaries. The determination of of boundary establishment is dictated by case and statue law, not GPS.

silhouette of sword and ninjaSo spend some time reading through the blogs and web pages. I have posted a wealth of information on them. From fun facts to Oregon Revised Statutes to Adverse Possession to the Domesday Book to Beating the Bounds to Ladies Sasquatch Auxiliary Drill Team to our Bodaciously tasty staff and Chuck Norris can’t tell you where your property corners are, there is plenty of information to entertain your brain and hopefully your funny-bone as well.


Survey Ninja – Whaaaaaaaaaaa


Survey Ninja

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