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Adverse possession

  Adverse possession – A situation where ownership can be claimed by use or occupation. As defined by law, certain rules apply which are best … Read More

Adverse Possession – ORS

  Chapter 105 – Property Rights – Oregon Revised Statutes 105.620 Acquiring title by adverse possession. (1) A person may acquire fee simple title to … Read More

Adverse Possession – OCEAN

  An easy way to remember some of the elements of adverse possession listed in Oregon Revised Statutes is the word OCEAN. Open Continuous Exclusive … Read More

Who Is W.B. Wells?

In 1924, after graduating from Stanford University, Willard B. Wells founded W.B. Wells & Assoc. Inc in Portland, Oregon. Willard’s philosophy was to provide a quality product for a reasonable fee. We still follow Willard’s philosophy today.
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