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Original lines

  Because original lines surveyed and marked by the creating surveyor control over all other elements in a deed, the surveyor must determine whether the … Read More

John Wayne a surveyor?

  John Wayne a surveyor? No, but he played one in the 1949 movie The Fighting Kentuckian. Things have changed a lot since then. Surveyors … Read More

Conflicting boundary lines

  Boundary disputes are often a result of faulty legal descriptions (written and recorded by persons lacking proper qualifications) and surveyors not following proper practices. … Read More

High stakes gambling with surveyors

  Want to risk thousands of dollars on a gamble? That is exactly what you are doing if you hire a surveyor who operates without … Read More


  1967 – MCMLXVII January 2 – Tia Carrere is born. January 15 – Super Bowl I. Green Bay Packers defeat Kansas City Chiefs. January … Read More

What the ???? Why does a survey cost so much?

Property size and shape. Terrain. Amount of vegetation. Bigfoot. If he is anywhere near your house, we will will be charging you uber bucks. Accessibility. Amount … Read More

Who Is W.B. Wells?

In 1924, after graduating from Stanford University, Willard B. Wells founded W.B. Wells & Assoc. Inc in Portland, Oregon. Willard’s philosophy was to provide a quality product for a reasonable fee. We still follow Willard’s philosophy today.
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