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When surveyors are retained

  Surveyors are often retained: Prior to purchasing real property Prior to beginning any construction improvements within property boundaries When dividing parcels of land or … Read More

Survey monuments

  There are many kinds of survey markers. For the property owner there are three you should know about – iron rods, iron pipes and … Read More

Famous poet writes poem about surveying

  Well, sort of. Good fences make good neighbors. Robert Burns wrote those words many a year ago in hes poem titled MENDING WALL. Scotland’s … Read More

Chuck Norris can't tell you where your property corners are

  Chuck Norris can light a fire by rubbing two ice-cubes together. Chuck Norris can hum with his mouth open Chuck Norris can stab a … Read More

Who Is W.B. Wells?

In 1924, after graduating from Stanford University, Willard B. Wells founded W.B. Wells & Assoc. Inc in Portland, Oregon. Willard’s philosophy was to provide a quality product for a reasonable fee. We still follow Willard’s philosophy today.
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